Our premium Nouvel TGSIs are made from the highest quality 316 stainless steel, Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) black steel and dezincification resistant (DZR) brass in a Classic or Terraced style. This range the highest slip resistance classification  of P5 or R13. CarbTop and PolyTop inserts provide surface structure options, and also add a variety of colours, making the Nouvel TGSI extremely versatile.


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      Renzo PFSA

      Our flexible Renzo PFSA TGSIs are a popular choice as they offer high versatility, and relative low cost. Our UV stabilised polymers are engineered to endue our high UV climate whilst achieving the highest slip resistance classification. Rigorous testing has confirmed our polymers exceed all statutory requirements whilst outperforming the competition in UV stability, shrinkage resistance, abrasive wear, shear and tensile strength. The Renzo PFSA TGSI colour range delivers options to suit your design vision whilst offering greater flexibility in complying with luminous contrast requirements.

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      The Korb  Kahn  TGSI pavers and tiles are made from the highest quality earthen materials including granite, marble, bluestone and porcelain. These long lasting products are suitable for internal or external use, and can easily be recessed into many common substrates. 

      Kahn  TGSIs are the most robust products on the market delivering an elegant finish perfectly suited to endure and enliven any bustling environment.

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      Carpet System

      The Korb Carpet System has been specifically designed for carpet with underlay. The multiple base plate and ferrule height configurations of the Carpet System allows for the installation of TGSIs on any variety of carpet and underlay. The system is visually superior to others that are prone to installation at non-uniform centres and heights. It is also more robust and not prone to rotation, and subsequentlyfailure, due to loose tapping threads.

      Korb’s Carpet System is specifically designed for internal use only and is the preferred solution for the provision of TGSIs on carpet with underlay. It leads the industry in aesthetics, practicality, adaptability and durabili ty .

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