Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) In Australia it has been acknowledged that there is a self evident requirement to create a built environment with equal access opportunities for all. There is also greater emphasis being placed on creativity, individuality and safety. At Korb, this ethos of building better environments was a pivotal element considered during the creation of our highly functional TGSI products. Available in metal (Nouvel range) and/or polymer (Renzo range) and with Carbtech infill options, Korb's TGSI range can be applied to a wide variety of areas against any level of aesthetic requirement.
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Stair Nosing

At Korb, we proudly offer alluring products with the versatility to meet luminance contrast and slip resistance requirements. Within our stair nosing range there are options suited to any public, commercial, or industrial facility. In creating this range we have aspired to provide innovative solutions which are suitably robust. To achieve this, all our stair nosing is made from the highest quality materials including architectural grade 6063 T6 aluminium and anodising to 20 microns; well above the industry standard. Our polymer stair nosing inserts are manufactured from the highest grade UV stable and shrinkage resistant polymers, and our chemical and corrosion resistant Carbtech inserts are created from high-tech silicon carbide. All these components combine to ensure the product will remain pristine and functional for longer.
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Entrance Matting

A facilities entrance is a key component for providing a good impression to what’s within. Entrance matting systems can enhance this first impression, but they also play a critical role in safety and maintenance. Installing effective commercial entrance matting reduce slip hazards, and reduce costs of cleaning, repair and maintenance by preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked into the facility. At Korb, we have a zonal based approach to your entrance flooring system, providing entry matting products suited to external, internal and other circulation areas delivering a highly successful moisture and debris barrier system to your building. 

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At Korb, we have a range of products to both enhance or restrict accessibility. These include: 
  • Bike Racks

  • Bollards

  • Skate Deterrents

  • Wheel Stops

  • Speed Humps

  • Corner Guards

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